Scholarship Recipients to UNAVSA-11

We are proud to announce that we have selected our two winners for UVSA Gulf Coast’s Scholarship to UNAVSA.

Annie Vu is currently a student at University of Louisiana at Laffayette. She is the current President of ULVSA.

Diana Nguyen is currently a student at Loyola University of New Orleans. She is an active member of LASO.

The UVSA Gulf Coast Scholarship to UNAVSA-11 is meant to sponsor one individual to attend the conference every year that will cover registration and hotel fees. This year, we decided to award two students the opportunity to attend the conference.

The selection process was difficult as all the names were taken out of entrant’s essays and were then given to the UVSA Gulf Coast board. This allowed us to be completely unbiased in our decisions and choose the best essay that answered the following questions:

1) Why do you want to go to UNAVSA?
2) What makes you a qualified candidate for the scholarship?
3) How can you benefit from UNAVSA for your community/VSA?

We would like to thank everyone for their submissions and hope that you are as excited as we are about the upcoming UNAVSA-11 Conference in Dallas, Texas!