Date Auction is back!

We are excited to announce the biggest fundraising event in our region is coming back! On Saturday, October 22 you can experience a night full of entertainment as we raise money for our Collective Philanthropy Project for 2016 – 2017 year, The Catalyst Foundation.

Some of you may be asking “What is Date Auction?”

Date Auction is an annual charity fundraising event originally hosted by the Asian American Student Intercollegiate Association (AASIA) for the past fifteen years before transitioning under UVSA Gulf Coast in 2016.

During the night, affiliate schools from Louisiana (UNO VASA, Tulane’s TUVA, Xavier’s XULAVA, Loyola’s LASO, VSA-LSU, and UL’s VSOUL) gather together and each performs a dance/skit and presents a video according to some theme of their choice.

Between performances throughout the night, groups of auctionees will do a little something-something and then be auctioned off! Those attending have the chance to buy themselves a wonderful, talented date! All proceeds raised from our auctionees will go to our annual CPP (Collective Philanthropy Project).

Last year we collectively raised a record-breaking $14,000 from Date Auction alone. We’re hoping to break that record this year!

Each year we have a different theme the schools use to inspire their performances. Last year’s theme was “Horror,” and the schools were inspired by horror films and television shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘American Horror Story’, and ‘The Purge’. Past themes have included “TV Shows” (2014), “Throwback/Decades” (2013), and “Cartoons” (2012).

When and where is Date Auction 2016?

When: Saturday, October 22 @ 6:00 PM CST

Where: Roussel Hall @ Loyola University New Orleans

This year we are excited to announce that our theme is “Fairy Tales!” Follow along on our official Date Auction Facebook Event Page to see what each of our schools’ sub-themes will be. We’ll announce each theme every day for the next six days!


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