VSOUL’s Third Annual Viet Week

The Vietnamese Student Organization at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (VSOUL) held its 3rd Annual Viet Week from November 7 to November 11th. As former Internal Vice President and President of VSOUL, I was excited to see what the new Executive Board had planned for the week.

Monday was the traditional bake sale, which included the sale of egg rolls, banh bao sliders, and Thai tea. I was so happy to see so many members get involved by volunteering for this event. Tuesday was the Riddler’s Hunt which was a scavenger hunt on campus. Each group was given a clue to the first station; members could not move to different stations until they completed the one they were given. Thursday was game day; we played games that promoted friendly competition and teamwork. Although it was getting dark due to daylight savings time, officers were holding flashlights to make sure members got he most out of game day and enjoyed their time. Friday was Talent Night, the biggest night of the week. Many members and student organizations came out to showcase their talents; whether it was singing, playing an instrument, or stepping, all the students pulled out the stops to put on a great show. Following talent night was a reception; at the reception guests and members enjoyed food and socializing.

Check out more photos from Viet Week via the following links: Bake Sale, The Riddler's Hunt, Game Day, and Talent Night!





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