CPP Campaign: #SingForHope Challenge

Our Internal Vice President Mitchell Nguyen is this year's UNAVSA CPP Campaign Director. His main job is to create campaigns that engage VSA members (and non-members) across the continent to spread awareness about this year's Collective Philanthropy Project, as well as encourage donations to the cause. Check out UNAVSA's official announcement below:

The Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA) is pleased to present the 2016-2017 Collective Philanthropy Project campaign called, "#SingforHope Challenge" in support of this year’s beneficiary, Catalyst Foundation. UNAVSA’s Social Media Campaign will help sponsor their project: Project Backpack.

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to the campaign, feel free to contact cpp.campaign@unavsa.org. Thank you so much!

Like the Catalyst FB or visit their page!

Inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the UNAVSA CPP Campaign Team devised a new campaign to help drive fundraising efforts to ensure maximum dollar impact for this year’s beneficiary, Catalyst Foundation. We want to incorporate Catalyst’s motto “Be the Catalyst for Hope” in a fun and creative manner to raise awareness and funds in the fight against human trafficking.

ACCEPT: Accept the challenge;
RECORD: Take a video of yourself singing live, singing karaoke, or lip-syncing to a song that gives you hope, motivates you, or inspires you;
UPLOAD: Upload your video to social media, tagging/challenging at least three of your friends;
GIVE: Please consider making a donation to support the Catalyst Foundation.

No matter how seemingly large or small, each contribution to the fight against human trafficking counts. To make an online donation: bit.ly/catalystfoundation_cpp2017

Here is a caption template to help when uploading your challenge video. Feel free to add why you chose your specific song for the #SingforHope Challenge.

“I’ve accepted the #SingforHope Challenge in support of UNAVSA’s 2016-2017 Collective Philanthropy Project, the Catalyst Foundation, and their mission to build communities to fight human trafficking in Vietnam through Project Backpack. I was nominated by [person who nominated you] and I will now nominate [Nominee #1], [Nominee #2], and [Nominee #3]. You all have 48 hours to complete the challenge. Whether you decide to do the challenge or not, please consider donating: bit.ly/catalystfoundation_cpp2017


The #SingforHope Challenge event page: facebook.com/events/1462617753791033
For more information on Catalyst Foundation: catalystfoundation.org
For more details on UNAVSA and the CPP: cpp.unavsa.org

Now until Sunday, April 9th, 2017 @ 11:59pm PST

**Please note that you do not have to make a donation if you take on the challenge. However, making a donation will help Catalyst Foundation in preventing human trafficking in Vietnam. Also, you do not have to be challenged to participate. Be the person to kick off the #SingforHope Challenge in your community and nominate your friends and family.

UNAVSA CPP Project: Project Backpack
Catalyst Foundation is currently working to build communities to fight human trafficking. Through Project Backpack, they hope to give disadvantaged children the basics of education, food and safety.

Education: We will increase enrollment of 200 Raglai children in primary and secondary schools.

Community Education: We will provide community education for children so that they can succeed in school, for adults who need basic literacy education and for the community who must learn basic life skills, human rights, and child development.

Food: To feed all 200 school children in the Raglai community.

Medical & Dental: Monitor and evaluate program to ensure sustainable health improvements for 200 children.

Vocational Training: Teach simple, sustainable and practical means of earning an income.

For more details on Project Backpack, visit catalystfoundation.org/projects/project-backpack.

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