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Every year, around conference time, UNAVSA announces its Visionary Scholarship to attend its annual leadership conference. This is a wonderful opportunity for first-time attendees as the scholarship covers all costs to attend conference: registration, hotel, and transportation. Our very own External Vice President Thanh-Thanh Pham was a Visionary recipient at UNAVSA-10 in Anaheim. If you want any advice about applying to this scholarship feel free to contact Thanh-Thanh at The scholarship is sponsored by Huy Duong.

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The following is UNAVSA's official announcement:

The Visionary Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the official Visionary Campaign start for the 14th Annual UNAVSA Leadership Conference. Sponsored by Northern California native and former regional president, Huy Dương, this year, the scholarship awards six college students the opportunity to travel to UNAVSA’s leadership conference at no or minimal costs.

Year after year, the size of the Visionary Scholarship circle continues to grow. UNAVSA hopes to cultivate the strong leadership potential in these winners and utilize the conference experience to create a significant impact in their lives as leaders in their respective communities.

UNAVSA hopes to provide resources and opportunities for recipients and members to create a significant impact in their lives as leaders and respective communities. We want to instill value in the ideals of culture, family, and philanthropy - all components that make communities strong and successful!


The Scholarship Covers:
1. Round trip airfare
2. Hotel night stay for entire conference duration
3. Conference registration

Visionary Scholarship Requirements
1. Applicant must be a current undergraduate college student or graduating senior.
2. Applicant must be a first time attendee and cannot be a conference director or E-board member of UNAVSA.
3. Only complete and on-time applications submitted will be considered.

Visionary Scholarship Prompt
Please answer the following questions thoroughly in your application:

1. Where would you like to see the Vietnamese community 10 years from now and how do you plan to get the community there?

2. There are instances in which something occurs and we think to take action, but do not. Name an instance in which this has happened to you and decipher what stopped you from acting. What actions can you take now in the present?

The scholarship will have an Early Deadline of Monday, May 1, 2017 at 11:59 PST and a Final Deadline of Monday, May 15, 2017 at 11:59 PST. All participants will be notified the status of their application by Monday, June 12, 2017. For any questions concerning the scholarship process and application, please contact

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