April 1, 2014: UVSA Gulf Coast Founded

UVSA Gulf Coast is founded by five passionate leaders within the VSA community of the Gulf Coast region. These five individuals served a two-year term.

President Laura Siu, UNO Alum

Internal Vice President Tong Nguyen, LSU Alum

External Vice President / CORR Representative Tyler Tran, LSU Alum

Treasurer Cecilia Tran, MSU Alum

Secretary/PR Victoria Tran, LOYNO Alum



June 27, 2014: First Presidents' Retreat

UVSA Gulf Coast establishes its first Presidents' Retreat in Pass Christian, MS. VSA Presidents within the region were invited to attend a weekend together and prepare for their upcoming terms by going through workshops facilitated by UVSA Gulf Coast's Executive Board.

May 29, 2015: Second Presidents' Retreat

UVSA Gulf Coast hosted its second annual Presidents' Retreat, this time hosted at Fort Walton Beach, FL. Presidents were once again hosted to a weekend full of leadership workshops to prepare them for their upcoming terms.

In 2015, President's Retreat was hosted in Fort Walton, FL.
In 2015, President's Retreat was hosted in Fort Walton, FL.


February 19, 2016: Gulf Coast Tet

UVSA Gulf Coast hosted our first regional Tet event at Loyola University New Orleans, organized by the UVSA Gulf Coast Executive Board and the ten VSA presidents within the region. Each VSA hosted a booth that contained games and/or food, and live entertainment kept the night lively throughout. A portion of the proceeds from each booth went to that year's Collective Philanthropy Project - Kids Without Borders.

March 14, 2016: Garden Grove Mayor Visits NOLA

UVSA Gulf Coast co-hosted a Vietnamese in leadership Q&A event alongside VAYLA and XULAVA, featuring Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen and Former Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao. Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Cao are the first Vietnamese mayor and congressman in the United States, respectively. The event took place at Xavier University of Louisiana.



April 24, 2016: Gulf Coast Awards

UVSA Gulf Coast hosted its first regional end of the year banquet to honor and recognize the achievements of the various VSAs within the region. The banquet took place at Chopstix Buffet in Gretna, LA.

May 1, 2016: New E-Board is Elected

UVSA Gulf Coast officially elects its new Executive Board members for the 2016-2018 term.

President Kent Tong, LOYNO Alum

Internal Vice President Mitchell Nguyen, LSU Alum

External Vice President Thanh-Thanh Pham, LSU Alum

Treasurer Tony Nguyen, USA Student

Secretary Lina Huynh, UL Student


In 2016, Leadership Retreat was hosted in New Orleans, LA.

July 15, 2016: Third Leadership Retreat

The newly-elected UVSA Gulf Coast Executive Board hosted its first event - the third annual Presidents' Retreat, renamed Leadership Retreat. Starting this year, the event was open to both VSA Presidents and Intercollegiate Council Representatives.

October 22, 2016: Date Auction

Date Auction is an annual charity fundraising event originally hosted by the Asian American Student Intercollegiate Association (AASIA) for the past fifteen years before transitioning under UVSA Gulf Coast this year. The six Louisiana ICC representatives worked alongside UVSA Gulf Coast's Internal Vice President to organize and host this annual event. This successful event raised over $16,000 for the year's Collective Philanthropy Project - The Catalyst Foundation.


UVSA Cultural Night Banner

March 18, 2017: Cultural Night

UVSA Gulf Coast hosted its second annual Tet event, renamed Cultural Night. The ICC representatives and UVSA Gulf Coast Internal Vice President organized and hosted this event at St. Joseph Catholic Church in New Orleans, LA. Once again the night was filled with live performances, such as singers, dancers, and poetry; fun booths with interactive games; and delicious food, like pandan waffles, shaken beef, and boba tea!