Kent Tong | A President’s Retrospection

Throughout my seven years in VSA, there have been many instances where I’ve told myself “I’m going to retire after this.” 

When my term as President of LASO ended, I was ready to just be an alumnus. But then I became Executive Director for Camp Delta 8. After that, I was like “Okay, for real this time. I’m done.” But I was bored holding no position, and I found myself itching to continue my involvement in VSA. So I ran and became Co-CORR for the region. Eight months later, I’m President of UVSA Gulf Coast. When I joined the VSA community in 2011, I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d one day be leading the region. Heck, UVSA Gulf Coast didn’t even exist at the time!Read More

GC Gets Cultured

The following is written by Abigayle Lista, the 2016 – 2017 ICC Rep from the Loyola Asian Student Organization.

Fashion, food, and performances to never forget, UVSA Gulf Coast did it again with their annual cultural event this time celebrating a Cultural Night. The event was open to all UVSA Gulf Coast schools and anyone from the church or in the surrounding neighborhood, and all Louisiana schools and University of Southern Alabama had booths of food and an activity, as well as performances. Read More

Kris Dinh: UNAVSA Leadership Conference Was Life-Changing

The following is an essay from Kris Dinh. She is a current student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and was one of two recipients of UVSA Gulf Coast’s scholarship to attend the UNAVSA-13 Leadership Conference in Boston, MA.

In April of 2016, I was presented with a scholarship to go to UNAVSA-13. I had never once thought in the years prior that I would be getting the opportunity to go to such a large, national conference with such passionate, Vietnamese leaders, however, I can honestly say that this scholarship to UNAVSA has served to be one of the most life changing scholarships I have ever received. Not only have I gained more connections around the U.S., but I’ve gained new insights and skills to help me improve as a leader. Read More

And The Next Camp Delta Theme Is…

Camp Delta is an annual leadership retreat in which VSA members from across the region come together to learn from one another, bond, and become better leaders. The camp is typically hosted every August, and with summer right around the corner, their marketing machine is finally getting into action.

Read More

Lisa Than: UNAVSA Leadership Conference Was One Of My Best Experiences

The following is an essay from Lisa Than. She is a current student at Xavier University of Louisiana and was one of two recipients of UVSA Gulf Coast’s scholarship to attend the UNAVSA-13 Leadership Conference in Boston, MA.

Attending UNAVSA-13 was a spontaneous decision and one that I don’t regret. I never got to travel often, so UNAVSA-13 was my excuse to travel. A reason why I wanted to attend UNAVSA-13 was in hopes of bringing something back to improve my VSAs. When you hear “conference”, usually people think of business professional and informational. I didn’t know what to expect and even tried asking a friend, but in the end I decided to keep an open mind.Read More