Thanh-Thanh Pham | An External Vice President’s Retrospection

When initially asked if I would be interested in running for External Vice President for UVSA Gulf Coast, I didn’t think twice. Having just served as Co-CORR alongside my good friend Kent Tong, the decision was a no-brainer. I knew I wanted to be a part of the UVSA GC legacy and help develop an organization that was still in its early life stages. My hope was to give UVSA GC a name for itself and gain exposure to community organizations within the region. At the time, if you asked a general VSA member if he or she heard of “UVSA Gulf Coast,” chances are the student would’ve respond “no.” Knowing that I would be able to help change that perspective as EVP made me more motivated to run for the position. But the biggest conflict hit me when I found out I would be moving out of the region for my first post-undergrad “big girl job.”Read More