Most Outstanding Graphic Media

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This award will be granted to the VSA with the most outstanding graphic media, which may include, but is not limited to: flyers, posters, and banners.


  • Read the 2017 Rules & Guidelines
  • Nominees must be from one of the ten affiliate organizations within UVSA Gulf Coast
  • An organization can only be nominated by its own organization (i.e. only MSUVSA can nominate MSUVSA for this award)
  • Nominees for this category will be judged on web page originality, creativity of layout and design, cohesiveness of elements depicted, how well the overall message is presented, and overall appeal of the image.
  • You may nominate up to three (3) pieces for this award.
  • Nominees cannot be created by a third party or through an online platform (such as templates). Images may contain copyrighted imagery, but the design must have been executed without the use of graphic design websites such as Canva.

Nomination Form