Most Outstanding Video Production

This award will be granted to the VSA that has the most outstanding video production during the 2016-2017 academic year.


  • Read the 2017 Rules & Guidelines
  • Nominees must be from one of the ten affiliate organizations within UVSA Gulf Coast
  • Nominees must be produced by a single organization and not in partnership with another
  • Nominations can only be for video productions from your own organization (i.e. only UMVSA can nominate UMVSA for this award)
  • You may nominate up to three (3) video productions for this award
  • You must provide a working link to the video production(s) for the nomination(s) to be accepted
  • You are required to include a list of all contributing members to the video production(s), which includes directors, writers, actors, editors, etc. You must provide their first and last names, what school they attend during the time of the production, and their respective roles for the production. Your nomination(s) will not be disqualified for including members who are not from your school or organization.

Nomination Form