Kris Dinh: UNAVSA Leadership Conference Was Life-Changing

The following is an essay from Kris Dinh. She is a current student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and was one of two recipients of UVSA Gulf Coast’s scholarship to attend the UNAVSA-13 Leadership Conference in Boston, MA.

In April of 2016, I was presented with a scholarship to go to UNAVSA-13. I had never once thought in the years prior that I would be getting the opportunity to go to such a large, national conference with such passionate, Vietnamese leaders, however, I can honestly say that this scholarship to UNAVSA has served to be one of the most life changing scholarships I have ever received. Not only have I gained more connections around the U.S., but I’ve gained new insights and skills to help me improve as a leader. Read More


Lisa Than: UNAVSA Leadership Conference Was One Of My Best Experiences

The following is an essay from Lisa Than. She is a current student at Xavier University of Louisiana and was one of two recipients of UVSA Gulf Coast’s scholarship to attend the UNAVSA-13 Leadership Conference in Boston, MA.

Attending UNAVSA-13 was a spontaneous decision and one that I don’t regret. I never got to travel often, so UNAVSA-13 was my excuse to travel. A reason why I wanted to attend UNAVSA-13 was in hopes of bringing something back to improve my VSAs. When you hear “conference”, usually people think of business professional and informational. I didn’t know what to expect and even tried asking a friend, but in the end I decided to keep an open mind.Read More


CPP Campaign: #SingForHope Challenge

Our Internal Vice President Mitchell Nguyen is this year's UNAVSA CPP Campaign Director. His main job is to create campaigns that engage VSA members (and non-members) across the continent to spread awareness about this year's Collective Philanthropy Project, as well as encourage donations to the cause. Check out UNAVSA's official announcement below:

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Apply for the UNAVSA Visionary Scholarship

Every year, around conference time, UNAVSA announces its Visionary Scholarship to attend its annual leadership conference. This is a wonderful opportunity for first-time attendees as the scholarship covers all costs to attend conference: registration, hotel, and transportation. Our very own External Vice President Thanh-Thanh Pham was a Visionary recipient at UNAVSA-10 in Anaheim. If you want any advice about applying to this scholarship feel free to contact Thanh-Thanh at The scholarship is sponsored by Huy Duong.

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