CORR Election

The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Gulf Coast Region is in the process of electing a new Gulf Coast Regional Representative for the 2016 - 2017 term. Whomever is elected to this position shall be the liaison between UVSA Gulf Coast and UNAVSA and serve on UNAVSA’s Council of Regional Representatives (CORR).


Voting Process

  • Each member school and affiliate within UVSA Gulf Coast is eligible to vote for the Regional Representative.
  • The Election Committee will send an official elections packet to all members eligible to vote at least one week prior to election day. The packet will contain a brief synopsis of all candidates and the positions they intend to run for.
  • Each member school has one (1) vote, which is determined by each VSA’s respective executive boards.
  • To be elected as the Regional Representative, candidates must receive an absolute majority of the votes (at least 51%).
    • in cases where no candidate receives an absolute majority, voting must take place again between the two candidates with the two most votes.
    • if, after this second voting process, no candidate receives the absolute majority, then the current Executive Board shall select winning candidate for the Regional Representative based off of a three-fifths (3/5) majority.
    • Uncontested candidates who are running unopposed must secure at least a two-thirds (2/3) vote.
    • Affiliate schools that are eligible to vote shall have three options to choose from: “Yes” for the candidate, “No” against the candidate, or “Abstain” from voting.
    • In the event the Regional Representative position is not filled, the Election Committee will evaluate the situation and consult with the current Executive Board. The Election Committee can make the final decision on who will take the Regional Representative position and can overrule the necessary qualifications for Regional Representative.

Important Election Dates

  • Application Announcement (July 27th - August 14th)
  • Campaigning (August 15th - 27th)
  • Interviews (August 15th - 27th)
  • Interview Videos Viewing (August 28th - September 2nd)
  • Vote Submissions Deadline (September 4th 11:59pm CST)
  • Notification of Position (September 6th)
  • Public Announcement (September 8th)

Guidelines to Determining and Submitting Your Vote

Step 1: Your Executive Board must review this packet, especially each candidate’s responses and experiences. Then, your Executive Board must review each candidate’s interview as posted previously in this packet.

Step 2: Your Executive Board gets one (1) vote as a whole. How your Executive Board determines which candidate to vote for is entirely up to your respective Executive Board.

Step 3: Your organization’s ICC Representative to UVSA Gulf Coast must submit your organization’s vote via the online form provided to each VSA. This voting form will be open starting on Sunday, August 28th. The deadline to submit your organization’s vote is Sunday, September 4th at 11:59pm CST.