Jordan Dang

Graduated from Louisiana State University, majoring in Studio Art/Photography

Application Submitted:

April 15, 2018



UNAVSA-15 Conference Registration Director, UNAVSA-14 Conference Registration Committee, UNAVSA-12 Conference Attendee, UNAVSA-11 Conference Attendee

UVSA Gulf Coast Summit Marketing and Media Co-Director, UVSA Gulf Coast Media Cabinet 2017-2018, UVSA Gulf Coast Media Cabinet 2016-2017

UVSA South Leadership Summit 2018 Attendee, UVSA South Leadership Summit 2017 Attendee, UVSA South Camp Legacy 3 (2018) Attendee, UVSA South Camp Legacy 2 (2017) Attendee, UVSA South Camp Legacy (2016) Attendee, Southwest UVSA APEX-3 Conference Attendee, 2017 Northwest VSA Leadership Summit Attendee, UVSA Southeast Leadership Camp 2017

Camp Delta 8 (2015) Marketing Committee & Media Sub-Committee, Camp Delta 7 (2014) Attendee, Camp Delta 6 (2013) Attendee

VSA-LSU Active Member 2015-2016, VSA-LSU Graphic Designer 2014-2015, VSA-LSU Historian 2013-2014, VSA-LSU Active Member 2012-2013

Server at The Velvet Cactus - Lakeview, Server/Host/Runner/Busser at The Velvet Cactus - Baton Rouge

Why do you want to be on the Executive Board for UVSA Gulf Coast?

I want to be on UVSA Gulf Coast’s Executive Board because I feel that I have been very committed with VSA from the moment I was first introduced to VSA my freshman year at LSU. Having so much passion to want to stay involved and give back to my region, I feel like my time being apart of UVSA Gulf Coast is not over, and it is now time for me to step up and do something I know I really want. Growing up, I was not the most confident person and felt something missing in my life. Through VSA, I have grown so much and would not be the person I am if it was not for my involvement and my experiences within VSA. Having all of these opportunities to travel and network outside of the Gulf Coast has helped me gain enough resources and support that has molded me to want to run for Secretary. Being apart of the Executive Board, I would like to bring back what I have learned and help inspire and impact my region. The past Executive Boards has been so inspiring and helped me grow, and I would like to be the model for others as well to show them that they can do anything they set their mind to.

What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

I believe my dedication to VSA and my experiences from all of the conferences and camps I have attended along with my work experiences makes me a well qualified candidate for this position. Being Secretary, one has to be really organized and should be able to communicate to others on updates that needs to be announced. Those qualities are two really important ones I know I possess and that will help me excel in this position. Reflecting on my work ethic being on staff for UNAVSA, my organizing and perfectionist qualities are greatly shown. My communication to my team is very transparent because as a leader, one should be able to update others while making sure everything is clear. Also, having been to so many outside events, I feel like I have shown by this, I want to not only better myself and network outside my region, but I feel like it is time for me to focus on the Gulf Coast and make us grow more.

What is your vision for this position, as well as for UVSA Gulf Coast?

Through my experiences, I have learned what it takes to work as a team to accomplish set goals and tasks to make our visions come to life. As Secretary, I envision myself being very organized and on top of all of the tasks that I am given. Just having this position to focus on, I feel like I can really think about what our region needs and what I really want out of this position. My vision for the Gulf Coast right now is to have schools support each other more and be more active in the community and also encourage others to step up and be involved. I feel like it is hard to encourage others to want to take on leadership roles because of all of the responsibilities and time commitment it may have. By staying involved, they are not only bettering themselves and growing, but they are making a difference even if they do not see it. I believe our first regional summit will be a start, and I want to continue encouraging my region that they all have choices in life. Do not let these oportunidad pass you by because you never know what you are going to miss out on or even what you can do. I hope by being Secretary, I can help accomplish not only my goals, but I hope I can help my other Executive Board members accomplish theirs, too.