Justin Nguyen

Senior at Louisiana State University, majoring in Biological Sciences, minoring in Business Administration

Application Submitted:

April 21, 2018



2016-2017: VSA-LSU Internal Vice President, UNAVSA-14 Family Leader

2017-2018: UVSA Gulf Coast Summit Family Programming Director, UNAVSA-15 Hospitality Committee Member

Why do you want to be on the Executive Board for UVSA Gulf Coast?

With all of my experiences, I believe this will be the next step in my VSA leadership. I felt very disconnected with my region this past year and meeting the new leaders in our region during Summit Staff Retreat gives me hope in the next generation. I hope to be a role model to the future leaders and make an impact on our region.

What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

Whether or not I am qualified for this position, I want to learn the skills needed to fulfill my duty and further improve the region and myself. As the Internal Vice President for VSA-LSU, I was responsible for the community service projects. Although I only have one year of experience on E-board, I know I can persevere to make the region the best it can be.

What is your vision for this position, as well as for UVSA Gulf Coast?

I hope to establish relationships with our neighboring regions and host collaborative events that will show the UVSA GC members that there is more to VSA than a club at their school. If time allows, I hope to start some vlogs while attending affiliate events to showcase what they have to offer and give insight to what it is like to be an UVSA GC E-board member. I want to build relationships with the community and gather wisdom to pass on to the future leaders of Gulf Coast. If the constitution allows me to be CoRR, I want to exemplify what it means to be a leader from the Gulf Coast.