Khoa Vu

Will enroll at the University of New Orleans to finish degree in Biology/Chemistry

Application Submitted:

April 12, 2018



2009: XUAA General Member, Date Auction XUAA Video, XUAA Gauntlet Staff

2010: XUAA Internal Vice-President, Camp Delta 3 Attendee

2011: XUAA President, Camp Delta 4 Attendee, Date Auction Emcee, Date Auction XUAA Video, UNO VASA Paper Lantern Night Talent

2012: Camp Delta 5 Attendee, Date Auction XUAA Video, UNAVSA-9 Attendee, UVSA Gulf Coast Start Up Proposal

2013: Camp Delta 6 Counselor, Date Auction Emcee Video, AASIA Media Chair, UNAVSA-10 Attendee, UNAVSA-10 Gulf Coast Beneficiary Talent, UNO VASA Paper, Lantern Night Talent, TUVA New Year Celebration Talent, LASO/UNO VASA Tet Event Talent, LASO Jason Chen Charity Event Talent

2014: Camp Delta 7 Media Director, Date Auction Emcee Video, UNAVSA-11 Media Member, LASO Iron Chef Highlight Video

2015: Camp Delta 8 Program Director, Date Auction Emcee Video

2016: Camp Delta 9 Free Agent, Date Auction Emcee Video, UVSA South Camp Legacy 2 Attendee, UVSA Southeast Leadership Camp Attendee

2017: Camp Delta 10 Alumni, UNAVSA-14 Entertainment Committee Member, UNAVSA-14 Emcee Promo Video, UVSA South Legacy Camp 3 Family Leader

2018: UVSA Gulf Coast Summit Committee Intro Videos, Camp Delta 11 Staff Sponsorship Workshop

Why do you want to be on the Executive Board for UVSA Gulf Coast?

After attending my first UNAVSA conference in 2012, I acquired a greater passion and wanted to bring it back to my region; The Gulf Coast. At the time, Gulf Coast had no official affiliation with UNAVSA organization but raised money towards CPP for years. It took two friends and a mentor to set up a presentation and pitch a proposal that was ultimately was voted against. Nevertheless, I continued to support the GC VSA community.

It is 2018, and UVSA-GC is four years old. As early as 1975, Vietnamese college student immigrants formed a bond that has echoed into what we have today. I still strongly believe the Gulf Coast region still holds the values as it’s founders. VSA is comprised of like-minded individuals working together toward common goals. Whether it be to preserve Vietnamese culture against modern times or providing leadership and network opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders, we are still working and supporting each other through VSA. Having been able to experience and witness these changes, I am now ready to be on UVSA Gulf Coast Executive Board to ensure the path of progress continues to grow.

What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

I attended my first VSA meeting because there was free pizza. It was one slice of pizza that gave me eight, passion-driven years of VSA. Every slice after that, I was able to grow more and more.

I’ve gone from general member to president of my VSA. I believe with this experience, I’ve grown to appreciate what it truly means to operate at a regional level. It always starts the individual VSAs. It’s important to address issues from the ground level and build atop a strong foundation.

My regional experiences entirely stem from Camp Delta. This year, Camp Delta will go on its 11th year. I was able to witness every piece of its glory since Camp Delta 3. This leadership camp has provided and inspired many VSA members to step up and do more over the years. Eventually, we approach our first UVSA-GC Summit. With this huge milestone, the Gulf Coast region has more leadership opportunities for a growing community. With my experience, I’ll be able to ensure regional events progress forward and transition smoothly.

My national experience pulls from UNAVSA and partnering region events. I’ve attended four UNAVSA conferences, but nothing compares to the passion my first conference gave to me. I will always look back to my first VSA meeting in that classroom and realize how everything is connected. I was not just in a room with 60 kids. I was in a room with thousands, nationwide, just like me. UVSA Gulf Coast is fairly young and has a lot to improve on. That is why with experiences and networking from our neighboring regions and UNAVSA, I’m able to provide access to information and structure back to our region.

What is your vision for this position, as well as for UVSA Gulf Coast?

As President, I want to be that beacon that everyone can count on to lead the Gulf Coast to a progressive future. I would like to work with an executive board that is passionate and will keep it burning bright. With a determined executive board, we can work to provide funding, improve on current events, and start up new projects.

For funding, I want our organization to obtain 501(c)(3) status so that we can apply for funding for our regional events. With this foundation, we may efficiently execute new projects and provide aid and improvement to current events.

UVSA-GC has many events to keep up with. I want to re-evaluate each event to seek improvement and ensure smoother operation. Details of past events will be held into account and changes will be made where necessary.

Although two years may be a long time, it’s not often enough time to get everything accomplished. I would like to revisit ideas the past E-Board might have had, but could not get around to and see it to fruition. Perhaps a collaboration with partnering regions to regulate membership relations. I would like to improve out community service projects and make a  bigger impact in our immediate community. I would also like to raise projects that help provide knowledge and resources such as a “Big/Little Program”.