Loyola Asian Student Organization

Most Outstanding Video Production - Power Rangers: Date Auction 2017

List of everyone involved in this video production. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attend your school during the time of the production, and their roles during this production.

Abigayle Lista,
Vinh Nguyen,
Jenie Nguyen,
Taylor Tran,
Kennedy Turner,
Que Nguyen,
Nhi Nguyen,
Quyen Nguyen(did not attend Loyola at time of production),
Quynh Dang,
Davis Tran,
Jensen Tran,
and Kamaile Alnas-Benson

Please describe the purpose of this video, your intention and goals, as well as creative process behind it.

This video was made for 2018 Date Auction. We made the video with the purpose of integrating our DA dance along with the video, so there everytime there is a dark screen with just music in the video, that was a time where we had one of our dances. The intention was to integrate the idea of a childhood tv show (Power Rangers) with the intent of our organization, while keeping it comedic.