Vietnamese Student Organization at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Most Outstanding Cultural Dance - Mickey & The Shy Gals Shadow Dance

List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance. 

Dancer 1: Una Ha - ULL
Dancer 2: Adriana Sanchez - ULL
Dancer 3: Alecia Harris - ULL
Dancer 4: Leslie Nguyen - ULL
Heart Breaker/ Player: Phoukoune Vongsanga - ULL
Fabric holder: Richard Nguyen - ULL
Bao Le - ULL

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process. 

Intention: To present an enjoyable story, using vietnamese culture (music, outfits, rice hats, umbrella, and fans)  
Goal: To bring cultural awareness through a different form of art. The shadow dance was a new concept to UL- Lafayette, and we wanted to initiate a new type of performance for events. This dance has never been seen on campus organizations and was new for many of us.
Creative process
purchasing 2 sets of clothes (with coupons!) and sewing it together (Mickey's mother), purchasing 4 umbrellas (and discovering one came broken), using VSOUL;s rice hats, purchasing a light source from home depot, borrowing a bicycle from Alecia, borrowing fake flowers from Leslie and Adriana, and cutting out and taping shapes on a headband to make a crown. We had also improvised with the "rain" with clear blue paper and None of us except for Leslie had a Ao Dai, so we improvised with maxi skirts and blouses. We held practices in the midst of Date Auction practice (mickey and leslie) and still was able to find time. We mirrored a dance performance that we found on youtube, and modified it for the lack of resources, time, and space we had.