Tulane University Vietnamese Association

Most Outstanding Dance - Drake and Josh: Date Auction 2017

List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance. 

(Dancer/Choreographer) Khoa-Andrew Nguyen - Tulane University
(Dancer) Peter Nguyen - Tulane University - Senior
(Dancer) Ian Seaman - Tulane University
(Dancer) Jeresun Atkin - Tulane University
(Dancer) Matthew Nguyen - Tulane University
(Dancer/Choreographer) Brenda Ohsner - Tulane University - Senior
(Dancer/Choreographer) Victoria Nguyen - Tulane University -Senior
(Dancer) Sophia Tran - Tulane University - Senior
(Dancer) Tiffany Nguyen - Tulane University - Senior
(Dancer) Jessica Dang - Tulane University - Senior
(Dancer) Camly Tram - Tulane University
(Dancer) Nina Son - Tulane University
(Dancer) Kim Lam - Tulane University
(Dancer) Minh Tran - Tulane University
(Dancer) Maria Trung - Tulane University

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

TUVA returned to the Date Auction stage this year as Drake and Josh. Every song, transition, and dance choice was intentionally chosen to call forth the exuberance of the Drake and Josh universe and deliver it in an electrifying performance. TUVA’s vision for this dance was the continual improvement of its body of performers and the crafting of a routine that would precisely capture the essence of TUVA’s spirit while adequately resembling the characters of Drake and Josh, a task that was met and accomplished with much determination.
The dance opens with a partner dance that calls to mind the fun and lighthearted personalities of Drake and Josh. Each pair reflects the brotherly bond between the two characters, and the mutual respect found in that relationship by responding in harmony to each other’s cues and gestures. After striking a unique pose and treating the audience to an elegantly timed dip, each pair splits, sending the women to the back and the men to center-stage to introduce Drake Parker. As the ladies exit the stage, five men assemble as Drake, the cool and reckless heartthrob whose hobbies are playing the guitar and kissing girls. TUVA chose to model the second dance after “Don’t Stop” by 5sos, the tone of which resembled that of a boyband and the heart of a teenage boy. The guys perform sharp and edgy moves to the lyrics of the song, which proclaims the intense love a boy has for his crush and his relentless pursuit of her. The dance incorporates a solo to parallel Drake’s role as lead singer in his rock band. After the soloist, acting as Drake, dances in the spotlight, the guys strike a pose and rearrange to present his brother, Josh Nichols. Josh is not as popular as Drake, but he is goofier and a blast to be around. His segment was built around the song “Magic” by B.O.B. to depict the sense of zeal and wonder one might get from his personality. The guys make a slight departure from the previous dance by being sillier and inviting girls onto the stage to dance alongside them. Throughout the song, Josh insists that his magic trick will blow everyone’s minds and delivers when he conjures a bouquet out of thin air! As Josh’s show comes to a close and the men leave the stage, the girls emerge as Megan Parker to remind everyone who really has control. After seizing the stage with arms folded, the girls stand tall and motion their heads to say, “My turn.” TUVA ladies then steal the performance with powerful, sweeping motions coupled with hair flips, flexing, sassy posturing, sudden elevation changes, and fierce maneuvers, all to characterize Megan’s rebellious, mischievous, and unyielding attitude. Perhaps most telling of her nature, though, is the girls’ firm “eye contact” with the audience as they appear to fearlessly approach their viewers to leave them with an indisputable sense that they are TUVA’s powerhouse. The girls’ “Power” ends, and TUVA’s finale song, “Glorious” fades in as the TUVA’s dancers walk to their positions on the Date Auction stage, some for the very last time. This portion of the dance was designed with every participant in mind, especially the 6 graduating TUVA seniors, all of whom have made immense contributions to the organization and its community since their debut as freshmen. The song title, “Glorious,” and its contents recall the illustrious careers of these TUVA veterans and how they have evolved into remarkable role models and leaders. After the subtle beginning transition, the song blasts into a series of rapid, energetic dance moves that remind us this ride is just getting started and that TUVA is full of new life. The lyrics convey reflection of the past and courage for the future before summoning forth every TUVA dancer for the finale, which proceeds with the refrain, “I feel glorious, glorious.” As the song ends and all but the piano fades away, TUVA walks to the edge of the stage and turns away from the audience, signaling the conclusion of their dance and the end of an era.
TUVA strives to put on their best performance for Date Auction every year. The number one rule when it comes to dancing on stage is just to enjoy the experience. We hold this attitude paramount to our performance as it gives us motivation to give our best effort on and off the stage. We hope our viewers receive as much enjoyment from watching our performance as we do performing for them. Participating in Date Auction is loads of hard work and stress, but it is a privilege that is worth every drop of sweat, tear, (sometimes) blood to be able to bear the fruits of our work on stage for everyone to witness.