University of Mississippi Vietnamese Students Association

Most Outstanding Dance - Believe It: Date Auction 2017

List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance. 

Eric Lam
Irina Tran
Tony Ly-Ha
Vu Bui
Vincent Pham
Brandon Nhek
Allan Brooks
Tan Le
Mady Everhart
Jessha Ciruclado
Alena Vu
Ashlynn Principe
David Hoang
Kayla Tran
Solange Tchounwou

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

From the start of Date Auction Preparation, The Purpose of this dance was for our members to have fun. We aren't a school that has choreographers from WOD or are inspired dancers, but this group enjoys breaking out of their comfort zone to do things that they have never tried before, which is dancing in front of a huge audience.
The goal of this dance was to tell a little bit of the story of Naruto through the music and dance choreography.
1) The beginning song where everyone is lined up has a "ninja" like vibe. This, along with our custom made hidden leaf village t-shirts was to help the audience understand that our Theme was Naruto.
2) The Second song, starts off with the song the undertone string chords of "Veggies" by Amine, while on top I added a Monologue of Naruto to himself portraying his ambitious attitude. The Monologue says, "I've worked so hard to get here, pushing myself until it hurt. Training alone for hours, anything to get stronger - to reach my dream. I will never back down again, and let someone else recuse me, I will never run away." I added this monologue because in the Anime series Naruto is known for his hard work to become Hokage of his village, which is basically a leader. It is also to tell the audience that We, Ole Miss VSA, has put in a lot of work to get to Date auction, practicing long hours. Spending time alone mocking up choreography to show cast at Date Auction. It does not matter what the other schools are doing or how good their dance is, we will do our best. Facing our challenges head first.
3) The women's dance start off with a dialogue between Naruto (Eric Lam) and Hinata (Irina Tran). This scene was emotional when adding the dialogue to the music because it showcases Hinata's love for Naruto after first being defeated by an Antagonist named "Pain" (Brandon Nhek). The dialogue ends by Hinata saying," I'm not afraid to die here. If it means I can protect you, because I love you... I always will." Which is immediately followed by Ellie Goulding's voice in "High for This." A very beautiful transition if you know the anime scene that can pull on your heart strings.
4) The final dance, which was my all time favorite, starts off with Pain (Brandon Nhek) and Naruto (Allan Brooks) acting out an intense dialogue. In my head, I was watching the Anime scene, and I love logic, so I wanted to combine the two. I think the song fits well by adding an upbeat tempo that portrays the intensity of the fighting between the two characters. To me, the song is what I feel goes on through Naruto's head throughout the series. Logic starts by saying "Everything I do, you know I do it for the squad." Which to me, it portrays Naruto's selfless personality of always putting his life on the line for his friends and his village. Another lyric in the song states, " It's the flexicution, this is what the people said they wanted from a young boy." Flexicution is defined as 'someone who brags but not really gloating in repetition.' This is basically how Naruto portrays himself when thriving to become Hokage at a young age. This is exactly what the people wanting him to be. 

Additional Comments

For me, I wanted to create something more than just a regular choreography. I wanted to portray a story through dance. I wanted to surround my dance theme around being there for your friends, love, and ambition. I think this dance did a great job with that.