University of New Orleans Vietnamese American Student Association

Most Outstanding Dance - Fairly Odd Parents: Date Auction 2017

List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance. 

Jenny Le’Dang - Head
John Duong
Kevin Hoang
Tina Nguyen
MC Trang
Thaddeus Brant
Titan Nguyen
Kiet Phung (Did not attend UNO)
Ivy Tran
Johnny Tran
Franny Huynh
Davis Tran
Kevin Le
Annemarie Picolo
Minh Cao
Lynn Vo
Ashley Guan
Vivian Tong

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

The goal of the dance was to create a storyline within the theme. Kinda like how Fairly Odd Parents Episodes are, each episode is it’s own storyline. So with dance, the central storyline was that Timmy was in a dream in the beginning, thinking about being with Trixie. This is expressed in the first song, See you Again. That’s why there are people with clouds to represent that he is dreaming and Timmy is shown sleeping (to also represent that we are about to see what he is dreaming about). The intention of this piece was to start off a little slow to kind of ease the crowd into the choreography. In the next song, which is Versace on the floor, we are shown how Timmy’s feelings are towards Trixie, and how he wanted to be with her. All of this is still happening in his dream state, which is why he is not in the piece because he’s strictly just thinking about her.
Then Timmy wakes up saying “Man that was all a dream! I thought I was going out with Trixie. Man, let me call her and see if she wants to go on a date.” Thus segueing into the next song, Pick up the phone. Where Timmy literally waits for Trixie to pick up the phone to see if she wants to go on a date (Timmy trying to take his shots LOL). The intention of this piece was to be something fun and energetic for the members. I didn’t care if they messed up on this piece too much, I wanted them to have fun.
Finally, Trixie picks up the phone saying, “HAHA Sike! Like I go on a date with you.” Which represents how Trixie acts towards Timmy throughout the series of Fairly Odd Parents. Thus Timmy realizes he doesn’t really need Trixie and says, “I don’t care anyways! I got zero problems!” thus this segues into the last song where Timmy is simply enjoying himself and doesn’t care that Trixie doesn’t want him. This was just a nice way and message we wanted to give for the ending that Timmy is great just the way he is, and he doesn’t need a relationship in his life in order to have a good life.
Overall, the intention of this dance was for the members to enjoy themselves. The head choreographers didn’t want to put anything too complicated for the members, but have them just enjoy dancing.