Vietnamese Student Organization at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Most Outstanding Dance - Lilo & Stitch: Date Auction 2017

List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance. 


Choreographers: De’Ondre Goodyear, Amy Ho, Andrea Khammany, and Rich Nguyen

Dancers: Kevin Le, Bao Le, Gabby Pham, Maelee Liamkeo, Mikey Philayvanh, Mickey Vongsana, Alyson Nguyen, Lina Huynh, Kris Dinh, Jalen Benjamin, Deanna Tarver, Summer Landry, Zachary Nguyen, Carley Stanley, Ali Nguyen, Delvin Nguyen, Han Do, Jenni Nguyen, Daniel Lugo, Stephanie Leblanc

Everyone involved attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

The purpose of this dance was to perform for date auction. It was a great incentive for our members have fun dancing, whether they thought they were good or not. It gave many a chance to become more involved within VSA itself. Started in September. For the month of September, practice was held two days a week, Tuesday’s and Thursdays. Once October rolled around, practice changed to 4 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays. For the dance, we tried to tie into the theme we had chosen, Lilo and Stitch. Some parts of the dance were inspired by certain youtube videos.