University of New Orleans Vietnamese American Student Association

Most Outstanding Graphic Media – UNO VASA Eboard Highlights

Designed by: Kevin Tran, Alumni

Please explain the idea behind this design and how it was executed. How successful does this design get its message across? 

This idea originated from this year’s eboard customizing their own jerseys. We’ve also played around with theme ideas for the year. One of the theme suggestions was baseball. Naturally, with this in mind we incorporated the idea of baseball cards with our color scheme of rose gold for our eboard spotlights/highlights. The eboard tossed around ideas with Kevin Tran until we can to something that we loved. Instead of just having one eboard member per post like a normal social media post, we wanted to create contrast and have a really nice aesthetic. Although you can see the eyes go to the eboard member being spotlighted, your eyes then roam around to see everything else going on. You see other names, other poses, and other positions but it is very cohesive. We included the school year, executive board, organization, the organization’s established year, this year’s jersey logo, names, positions and our color theme.We believe that the message gets across very easily because it is a simple post. Our eboard highlights remain consistent in layout and color scheme. We also included our senior advisors.
Graphic made with: photoshop