Vietnamese Student Association at Louisiana State University



Most Outstanding Graphic Media – VSA-LSU’s CPP Shirt

Designed by Tania Wilson, VSA-LSU 2017-2018 Graphic Designer

Please explain the idea behind this design and how it was executed. How successful does this design get its message across?

The main goal for this graphic was to help raise awareness for CPP, and all of the proceeds from selling these shirts go straight to the cause. Human trafficking is something that is easily overlooked and often sits in the back of society’s mind. The main focal point of the design reflects that mindset with the subtle detail of a face hidden within it. The overarching color blue was chosen because the United Nations uses a blue heart as their symbol against human trafficking, and the hand is also symbolic of similar campaigns. The hand also represents a nonverbal “stop” human trafficking. Below the hand, this very message is explicitly written, with the S in “stop” being replaced by the country of Vietnam. The programs used were: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Black Ink (Steam program).

Additional comments 

This was placed on the back of a light grey long-sleeve shirt.