Xavier University of Louisiana Vietnamese Association


Most Outstanding Graphic Media – Gauntlet: The Hunger Games

Designed by Yen Nguyen, Co-Historian

Please explain the idea behind this design and how it was executed. How successful does this design get its message across?

The theme for XULAVA’s annual gauntlet was “The Hunger Games,” so I wanted to create a flyer that looked like a movie poster since the theme was from a movie. For this flyer, I used Adobe Photoshop. I found a grungy grey background with a scratches on Google, which was used to set the mood/feel for the whole graphic. Then, I wanted to incorporate the mockingjay logo into the graphic, so I found a .png of the logo, turned it white, and brought the opacity to 60%. For the text, I used the font, “Steelfish.” The text was a light grey because white was too harsh on top of the background and the grey colored text made the graphic more cohesive. Every element also had a light shadow so that there was dimension to the graphic. This design was very successful because it caught people’s attention and created a brand for our gauntlet event. We used the same graphic elements for all of our posts regarding the event as well. For our event, we were able to get the max amount of teams to sign up and participate due to the marketing with this graphic. Also, the information on the graphic was clear enough for people to understand how payment worked and where/when the event was.