University of New Orleans Vietnamese American Student Association

Most Outstanding Performance - Linh Ngo feat. Theresa Nguyen ("Trống Cơm")

List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the performance, and their roles for the performance.

Linh Ngo, a UNO student, performed a song on the Vietnamese monochord/đàn bầu. Theresa Nguyen, who was also a UNO student at the time, accompanied Linh on the Vietnamese zither/đàn tranh.

Why does this performance deserve to be recognized for this award? 

We believe this deserves to be recognized for this award because this is a unique talent that was not present to the Gulf Coast region until this year. Linh and Theresa were able to show the Gulf Coast region the beauty of the Vietnamese monochord/đàn bầu and the Vietnamese zither/đàn tranh, which brought culture within our region.

Additional Comments

Intention: In hopes of conveying the true spirit of New Year/Tết, this performance was intended to immerse the audience in the beauty and nature of traditional Vietnamese instruments and music.