Vietnamese Student Association at Louisiana State University

Most Outstanding Web Presence

How did your organization excel in web presence and what strategies did you utilize in doing so?

VSA-LSU has produced a strong web presence on multiple platforms of social media. For the past year, LSU’s social media has been maintained by a team of people who work together to uphold the web presence. This team is comprised of VSA-LSU’s Public Relations Officer, Historian, Graphic Designer, and Freshman Representative, respectively, Alyson Vu, Megan Le, Tania Wilson, and Victoria Ai Vi Luong. VSA-LSU consistently posts at least once or twice a week to keep our members up to date. Over the years, VSA-LSU has built a strong follower base on social media. Through this following it has been able to outreach to a broad range of people. For example, Kayla Nguyen, from the Vietglish Fun channel on YouTube, reached out to us with an interest to perform for Spotlight, an annual talent show held by VSA-LSU.
The biggest platform used is Facebook. On Facebook, VSA-LSU regularly posts about events and other information, not only regarding VSA-LSU, but also information pertaining to UVSA-Gulf Coast and UNAVSA. Additionally, VSA-LSU utilizes Facebook’s ability to create event pages and Facebook groups. By using these two abilities, VSA-LSU is able to communicate to their target audience and spread information more easily. VSA-LSU creates event pages for all of their events. Each event page has a unique cover photo that is made by the Graphic Designer. The event pages are also used for updates and notifications about the events. This includes updates about upcoming dates and the Goal of the Events. The Goal of the Event is an objective that the E-Board sets for the attendees to meet or complete. If the goal is met, E-Board has to complete a punishment. These goals range from attendance at the event to winning a relay race, and the punishments range from getting pied in the face to “The Canned Food Challenge.” Doing Goal of the Events gets more attendance and interest at events while also allowing E-Board to interact more with the members. Another way Facebook is utilized is to create Facebook groups. The “VSA-LSU Connection Page” is used to get information out to members and also allows our members to interact with each other. This group was originally started as a place where members can easily get in contact with one another but has evolved into a bigger way for VSA-LSU to increase its web presence. VSA-LSU also utilizes a Facebook page’s cover photo. The cover photo is updated before an event and includes a graphic regarding the event. This is another visual that notifies followers of an event and gives them information, like the address, time, and date of the event This cover photo matches the theme of the event page cover photo and the flyers.
Consistent updates are posted on Instagram, as well. The flyers that are used on Instagram tell followers about upcoming events and information that is reiterated from Facebook. Instagram allows for more visuals to be posted. Other than the initial event announcements, reminder posts regarding the event is posted a day or two before the event to remind attendees of necessary information. Instagram stories are a feature that is also utilized to increase web presence.
To keep up and stay on schedule for posting on both Facebook and Instagram, a posting schedule was made to keep organized. This posting schedule was shared by both the Public Relations Officer and Freshman Representative. Each post was evenly distributed throughout the month as necessary and indicated who was posting and when. Event posts are posted two weeks before the event and the event pages are also made at this time.
Snapchat is used to broadcast events in real time. Followers who are not able to make it to events can feel as if they were there. The biggest presence on instagram are the Intramurals. VSA-LSU has a large amount of members who are involved in Intramurals. Many people who are not able to make it to the Intramural games can still see highlights of the game through Snapchat. Members enjoy this because they can see their friends on the Snapchat or even see their own performance during the game. This give members a sense of involvement, and they appreciate when they are being supported through Snapchat. VSA-LSU also Snapchats clips and highlights during every event. A new campaign incorporated this year on Snapchat is the Snapchat ambush and interview. For this campaign, members and attendees are randomly confronted and are asked questions, both relevant and irrelevant to VSA. These questions can range from “Can you do a dance for the Snapchat?” to “Why do you like VSA?” Reminders about the events and other deadlines are also posted and easily linked onto the Snapchat. This gives followers easy access to sign up sheets or videos by the quick swipe of their finger.
VSA-LSU has also started to expand its YouTube presence. Event recap videos are uploaded after every event. Other videos that are posted onto YouTube are VSA-LSU promotional videos. Some promotional videos include the 2017-2018 Officer Introduction video and the VEGA (Vietnamese Entertainment, Gala, and Awards) Night video. All videos uploaded on to the YouTube channel are produced and shot by the VSA-LSU E-Board.
VSA-LSU has recently started to make a presence on its website as well. The website is consistently updated and is used as a way for members to get more involved. The website has many different uses such as photo galleries and information for events. A marketing strategy used to get more members to go to the website is that all sign up sheets added to the website. The website also shows the top ten members for the month, VSA-LSU sponsors, and information about E-Board, Faculty advisor, and Collective Philanthropy Project. This year VSA-LSU also changed the website’s domain name to “”





Snapchat: @vsalsu