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XULAVA's Gauntlet: The Hunger Games Recap Video

XULAVA would like to thank everyone who made it out to our Gauntlet: The Hunger Games! For those who missed out, it's okay because we have a recap video for you!

Posted by Xavier University of LA Vietnamese Association - XULAVA on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Most Outstanding Video Production - Gauntlet: The Hunger Games

List of everyone involved in this video production. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attend your school during the time of the production, and their roles during this production.

Dat Le - Videographer, Editor, & Producer. Currently Enrolled.
Yen Nguyen - Moderator. Currently Enrolled.
Wendy Dang - Moderator. Currently Enrolled.
Christy Nguyen - Moderator. Currently Enrolled.
Lisa Than - Moderator. Currently Enrolled.
Steven Chen - Moderator. Currently Enrolled.
Katarina Nguyen - Moderator. Currently Enrolled.
Calvin Pham - Volunteer. Not Enrolled.
Don Nguyen - Volunteer. Not Enrolled.
List of Participants for the Gauntlet:
Patrick Cao - Not Enrolled Alyson Vu - Not Enrolled.
Anthony Phan - Not Enrolled.
Harry Ly - Not Enrolled.
Bruce Le - Not Enrolled.
Peyton LeBlanc - Not Enrolled.
Kiet Phung - Not Enrolled.
Anna Hoang - Not Enrolled.
Dominic - Not Enrolled.
John Le - Not Enrolled.
Jenny Le Dang - Not Enrolled.
Kevin Hoang - Not Enrolled.
Dan Truong - Not Enrolled.
Thinh Truong - Not Enrolled.
Maxim Lim - Not Enrolled.
Amy Ho - Not Enrolled.
Bao Le - Not Enrolled.
Richard Nguyen - Not Enrolled.
Kim Lam - Not Enrolled.
Sun Lee - Not Enrolled.
Kayla Nguyen - Not Enrolled.
Eric Lam - Not Enrolled.
Joe Bagert - Not Enrolled.
Matthew Nguyen - Not Enrolled.
Thomas Dang - Currently Enrolled.
Martin Nguyen - Currently Enrolled.
Ly Tran - Currently Enrolled.
Danny Vo - Currently Enrolled.
Quan Nguyen - Currently Enrolled.
Jafar Mohamed - Currently Enrolled.
Kevin Dao - Not Enrolled.
Peter Cao - Not Enrolled.
Alex Nguyen - Not Enrolled.
Devon Dao - Not Enrolled.
Hannah Tran - Currently Enrolled.
Sonja Nguyen - Not Enrolled.

Please describe the purpose of this video, your intention and goals, as well as creative process behind it. 

The purpose of this video was to show a quick recap of our event. Our goal was to have the participants relive the fun/challenging times they had at our event. We planed this event in one month, and I recorded/edited it together shortly after.