Xavier University of Louisiana Vietnamese Association

Come to XULAVA's 1st General Meeting!!

Here's a quick video to show how to get to NCF 130 at 12:15PM today!! Come to meet the new Eboard, learn about what we have in store for you this year, and pizza! Don't be late like how John almost was! Special thanks to John Cihangir for being in this video!

Posted by Xavier University of LA Vietnamese Association - XULAVA on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Most Outstanding Video Production - The Meeting

List of everyone involved in this video production. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attend your school during the time of the production, and their roles during this production.

Dat Le - Script Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Producer. Currently enrolled.
John Cihangr - Stuntman and Actor. Did not attend Xavier.
Yen Nguyen - Extra. Currently enrolled.

Please describe the purpose of this video, your intention and goals, as well as creative process behind it.

The purpose of this video was to get people hyped up for XULAVA's first general meeting, show the location of our meeting, and give details about the meeting. We wanted to show people the location of our room, but in a fun way so we paid an actor to create some buzz for some potential/returning members.
We came up with the idea about 2 weeks before our meeting and decided to go through with it. We shot, edited, and released the video within a week of our meeting.