Make a difference at Summit! The Summit Family Programming Committee invites anyone who wants to make a positive impact to apply for the Family Leader position. Do not be discouraged if you have never attended a conference because the Family Programming Committee will assist you along the way to ensure you are well-prepared for Summit. Note that you must be a registered attendee to be seriously considered in the selection process. We thank you in advance for applying, and we look forward in reviewing your application!

Deadline for Family Leader applications is Monday, June 3, 2019 at 11:59 PM CDT.

For questions, please contact

What is a Family Leader? Family Leaders facilitate communication and foster a comfortable environment for attendees during Summit. It is important to note that family leaders are still attendees, just with a little more responsibilities!

Why should I be a Family Leader? As a Family Leader, you will learn leadership responsibilities and be given the opportunity to apply those skills in a professional setting. Alongside your personal growth, you will be granted a discounted registration fee!

Am I qualified to be a Family Leader? We ask that all interested applicants must be a college student and/or graduate.

What does a Family Leader do at Summit? Responsibilities of Family Leaders include but are not limited to:

  1. Lead a group of attendees in icebreakers and activities.
  2. Communicate with staff throughout Summit and assist with food distribution.
  3. Contact your family prior to Summit - get your family members acquainted with one another and get them excited to attend Summit!
  4. Serve as a main point of contact for attendees to ask questions and share concerns with.
  5. Facilitate interactions between family members by being inviting and energetic!
  6. Create a family-like atmosphere for your group! Assist your family members in making the most of their Summit experience.
  7. Represent UVSA Gulf Coast. Exemplify professionalism and leadership.

What is expected of a Family Leader? Expectations of Family Leaders include but are not limited to:

  1. Attend bi-weekly online conference calls with Family Programming Committee.  
  2. Attend FAM Retreat to prepare for Summit.
    Location, Date, and Time to be determined.
  3. Be willing to work with other leaders/attendees.
  4. Ensure active participation in Family Programming activities.
  5. Promptly communicate with Family Programming Committee if there are any concerns during Summit.
  6. Attend meetings with Family Programming Committee after Summit activities when scheduled.
  7. Encouraging programming attendance to ensure your family gets the most out of their conference experience.
  8. Uphold duties and responsibilities of a Summit staff member which includes refraining from alcohol consumption until UVSA Gulf Coast Awards, which takes place on the Saturday evening of Summit. Use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal of Summit if found.
  9. Be familiar with FaceBook and GroupMe for easy communication within staff.
  10. Tell us your favorite joke!