UVSA Gulf Coast

About Us

The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations Gulf Coast, also known as Tổng Hội Sinh Viên Việt Nam Miền Vùng Vịnh Gulf Coast, is a non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization created to serve and develop the next generation of Vietnamese leaders. Originally formed on April 1, 2014 by five Vietnamese Student Association alumni from Louisiana and Mississippi, UVSA Gulf Coast has evolved into a larger organization composed of over two dozen elected and appointed delegates representing the Intercollegiate Council, Cabinet, Alumni Advisors, and Executive Board.

Mission Statement

To promote cultural awareness, engage in community service, collaborate in
philanthropic causes, and foster leadership and professional development within
the Vietnamese-American community.

Our logo represents our region - the Gulf Coast - which represents Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The oddly shaped circle represents a hurricane, which is what the Gulf Coast region is really familiar with.

The bands acts as arms, and the circles above as heads, to represent unity in leadership with a sense of community.

The 3 stripes in the middle represents the cultural aspect of UVSA-GC and the Vietnamese Flag.

Our official logo was designed in 2014 by Paulina Nguyen, a former Fleur De Ladies dance member and alumna from Louisiana State University.