List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance.

1. Hannah Nguyen – choreographer, dancer; LSU student
2. Anthony Phan – dancer; LSU student
3. Celina Tran – dancer; non-LSU student
4. Christine Tran – dancer; LSU student
5. Cindy Tran – dancer; LSU student
6. Destinee Nguyen – dancer; LSU student
7. Emily Vu – dancer; LSU student
8. Ethan Nguyen – dancer; LSU student
9. Judy Kong – dancer; LSU student
10. Patrick Cao – dancer; LSU student
11. Steven Truong – dancer; LSU student
12. Ai Vi Luong – dancer; LSU student
13. Jill Truong – dancer; LSU student

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

One of VSA-LSU’s goals is to spread Vietnamese-American awareness throughout LSU’s campus as well as throughout the Baton Rouge community. One of the best ways to approach accomplishing this goal is to expose the Vietnamese culture to the community in a fun and entertaining way. An opportunity arose when the International Student Association at LSU asked VSA-LSU to perform for their International Fusion program, where an entire event is dedicated to showcase different cultures across the globe. The Vietnamese traditional fan dance is a very popular act to showcase the Vietnamese culture as the performance catches viewers’ eyes with the colorful áo dài (traditional long dress) and synchronized movement of the fans. While choreographing the fan dance, Hannah Nguyen drew inspiration from her past experiences as being a regular performer for her temple and incorporated her own style as well. A common movement for her previous performances is the quick twisting of the wrists to create the effect of twirling fans. This movement was used a lot throughout VSA-LSU’s performance. Another common choreography for fan dances is the ripple effect. Hannah wanted to make the performance visually appealing, so she included multiple instances of the ripple effect to keep viewers’ eyes drawn to the performance. A unique thing that Hannah did was the illusion of fluttering butterflies. At one point during the song, the dancers put their two fans together and lightly fluttered the fans to imitate butterfly wings. With Hannah’s creativity and the dancers’ drive to learn and practice the dance routine, VSA-LSU’s fan dance team was able to provide a beautiful performance to give their community a glimpse of Vietnamese culture.