List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance.

(Dancer/Choreographer) Khoa-Andrew Nguyen – Tulane University
(Dancer) Ian Seaman – Tulane University
(Dancer) Jeresun Atkin – Tulane University
(Dancer) Matthew Nguyen – Tulane University
(Dancer) Max Chang – Tulane University

(Dancer/Choreographer) Maria Trung – Tulane University
(Dancer) Camly Tram – Tulane University
(Dancer) Kim Lam – Tulane University
(Dancer) Jamie Tran – Tulane University
(Dancer) Mary Tran – Tulane University
(Dancer) Tina Nguyen – Tulane University
(Dancer) Tran Nguyen-Phuong – Tulane University

(Choreographer) – Victoria Nguyen – Tulane University Alumni

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

TUVA chose the 50s decade for their Date Auction theme. Our goal for this year’s dance was to create a piece inspired by our theme and create bonds as friends and as an organization, all while being a part of raising money for an organization, Children of Vietnam, that is doing great work. TUVA’s dance performance this year stayed faithful to our theme through the choice of music as well as the outfits. The dance allowed for many generations of TUVA dancers and general members to be involved in this year’s Date Auction.

The dance began with a routine that paid tribute to the 50’s theme; it was a playful performance that was inspired by the idea of a boy and a girl meeting in a diner by the jukebox. This piece sets the tone of the 50s by implementing a song reminiscent of Grease, the musical. As the dance finished, the boys entered the stage to begin their piece “Runaway Baby”. This performance portrayed the 50’s greaser attitude. As the boys finished their dance, the girls joined on stage and got into pairs for a couple’s dance. This dance was heavily inspired by the dance moves in the 50’s. It incorporated the jive and hand jive. As the dance came to a close, the boys were pushed off the stage, and the girls took the stage with a confident attitude and powerful moves. TUVA girls have always been the heart and soul of the organization, especially with their dances. This year was no different. Each move was intricate and hard hitting to display a sense of power giving them a memorable stage presence.

The finale dance was choreographed to highlight all dancers. The song for the finale dance, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” was chosen because it is upbeat, fun, and an overall good time. A reflection of the great experiences the TUVA dancers had throughout the weeks leading up to Date Auction practicing for the dance. To reflect the overall theme of Date Auction – Time Travel – TUVA incorporated moves and dance styles from different eras such as the 20’s (The Charleston), 50’s (Jive and Hand Jive), 70’s (Batusi), 80’s (Breakdancing), and Modern (Shoot, Floss, Nae Nae, etc.).

This year’s dance allowed TUVA members of all generations to collaborate and grow. Although we are proud of our work on the stage, it was the process that helped the dancers and choreographers learn and grow as a team and as individuals. Everyone left with a sense of family and were thankful to participate in an event that raised money for the Children of Vietnam.

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