Name(s) of the designer who created the graphic and their role in your organization (E-Board Member, General Member, etc.)

Victoria Hoang

Please explain the idea behind this design and how it was executed. How successful does this design get its message across?

The hiking trip is a social event in which our club invites our members and non-members to join us on a trip to Tunica Hills. It is event that allows our members to bond as they struggle to climb and hike along the exhilarating trail together. The design was chosen to help the members feel more connected and familiar with the area by using an actual photo taken on one of the trips to Tunica Hills. The picture chosen was a snapshot of our actual members experiencing the event with doodles illustrated around them to create an exciting vibe this event brings. Mountains are illustrated to represent the steep and thrilling trails Tunica Hills have to offer. The colors are also chosen to match the theme of nature and the bright aura our members exhibit throughout the years.