List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the performance, and their roles for the performance.

Joseph Bagert – singer, Andrew Nguyen – guitarist . Both attend LSU during this performance.

Why does this performance deserve to be recognized for this award?

Joseph Bagert and Andrew Nguyen’s performance of one of today’s most prominent top hits, Old Town Road, was an iconic performance which resonated with everyone in attendance. This performance occurred at VSA-LSU’s end of the year VEGA Night event. Wrapping up the performances for the night, Bagert and Nguyen had just finished performing the song What Would You Do. As they left the stage, an encore was chanted throughout the room, and the two soon returned suited in cowboy hats and boots. As they sang their rendition of Old Town Road, the duo was accompanied by countless members of the audience. The whole crowd was into it, singing along throughout the entire song, some even getting up to dance. Videos of this performance flooded Snapchat and Instagram stories of members in attendance, and this outstanding performance was highly talked about throughout gulf coast. This performance by Bagert and Nguyen was one of, if not the most hyped and memorable performances of the year and deserves this award.