Provide a detailed description of the event and the population it served. Details MUST include: date of event, number of participants, program purpose (goals, objectives, etc.), use of resources (finances, community support, etc.), marketing techniques, and amount fundraised.

The Back to School Picnic took place on September 2nd with 48 participants. The purpose of the event was to help raise money for our CPP, which was called The Children of Vietnam. We wanted to show our support by having $1 pie in the face for people to come pie EBoard members in order to raise money for our CPP. We promoted this event through our Facebook event page, Instagram, our Camp Delta family’s GroupMe, and even went around campus and gave anyone that was interested flyers to our event. We also wanted to welcome Xavier students back to school and gave them an event where they can socialize with people different VSAs, Xavier alumni, other Xavier students, etc. In total we raised up to $120 for our CPP.

What efforts were used to motivate and involve the organization’s members?

This event was our first event and it was an opportunity to for our members to come together, meet new people, and have some fun before school begins. We also had a little event where you get a chance to pie the XULAVA E-board in order to help raise money for CPP.

How did the organization overcome any challenges that arose while planning and implementing the event?

While planning for this event, we faced issues with the weather. Originally, the location for the event was at the Xavier University Center Terrace but due to inclimate weather we had to move the event indoors. The event was still successful and we were still able to go through with our pie in the face challenge.

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Back to School Picnic flyer

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