Iron Chef



"ALLEZ CUISINE!" LASO has hosted its annual Iron Chef cooking competition since at least 2006. Typically five to seven teams of 4 compete by cooking an appetizer, entree, and dessert utilizing a secret ingredient that isn't revealed until 24 prior to the event. LASO has invites its alumni to come back and emcee for the event, as well as invites guest chefs, restaurant owners, and local Asian politicians and community leaders. LASO's Iron Chef is sponsored every year by celebrity chef John Besh. Winning teams receive four gift cards that are accepted at any of Besh's New Orleans restaurants.

Past Secret Ingredients

2009: Tofu

2010: Shrimp

2011: Pineapple

2012: Honey

2013: Banana

2014: Coconut

2015: Bacon

2016: Mango