Tulane University Vietnamese Association


Abbreviation:  TUVA

Established: 2004

University Address:
6823 St Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118

University Website: www.tulane.edu

The Tulane University Vietnamese Association (TUVA) is a student organization committed to exposing and promoting the rich Vietnamese culture to the diverse community of Tulane University. The fundamental mission of the association is to establish a network of individuals who are interested in understanding the Vietnamese heritage, have a sincere appreciation for Vietnamese traditions and beliefs, and are dedicated to the preservation of the Vietnamese way of life. This longstanding purpose of TUVA is intended to expand the horizon of cultural diversity and to enhance the learning experiences for students who select Tulane as their temporary home.

TUVA fulfills its mission of cultural awareness by coordinating programs and activities that expose people to the uniqueness of the Vietnamese culture, such as the annual Tet Celebration, screenings of Vietnamese movies, and Vietnamese arts and entertainment performances. Through collaborative involvements with the Tulane Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), the Asian-American Students Intercollegiate Association (AASIA), and the local Vietnamese community, TUVA is able to provide a more extensive network for which appreciation for this kind of cultural diversity can be achieved.

TUVA fosters and sustains a close relationship with its community, and, therefore, places great emphasis on community service and charity. TUVA frequently donates proceeds to charitable organizations and its members have contributed countless hours participating in numerous volunteering projects. While we support awareness of the Vietnamese culture, the organization is NOT exclusive for Vietnamese students—we encourage involvement and support from students of ALL ethnic and social backgrounds. So, come participate in the TUVA experience: Culture. Service. Friendship.

2018 - 2019 Executive Board

President: Minh Tran

Internal Vice President: Ian Seaman

External Vice President: Matthew Nguyen

Secretary: Maria Bao-Luc-Trung

Treasurer: Michael Nguyen

Co-Public Relations: Suzy Ho

Co-Public Relations: Trang Tran

Webmaster: Aleena Cheema

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Gulf Coast Awards


  • Most Fundraised for CPP - 2nd Place
  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Kim Lam


  • Most Outstanding Dance - "Date Auction 2016"
  • Most Fundraised for CPP - 2nd Place
  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Jessica Dang


  • Most Outstanding Dance - "Date Auction 2015"
  • Most Fundraised for CPP, 3rd Place
  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Brenda Ohsner