Join UVSA Gulf Coast

The process to become a member organization of UVSA Gulf Coast is outlined in Article III of the constitution.

If your Vietnamese interest organization is a recognized organization by your college or university and is located in the Gulf Coast Region, which is currently defined by Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, please follow the following guidelines to becoming an affiliate of UVSA Gulf Coast:

     ○Notify your organization's intent of joining UVSA Gulf Coast by emailing

     ○School members will be selected and voted in by the Executive Board. Invited school members can formally accept or decline the invitation.

     ○Your organization will undergo an observation period that will last for one academic semester. The interested organization must:

               ○be able to show and demonstrate support for other organizations affiliated with UVSA Gulf Coast by participating in an organization's event or offer assistance, or

               ○host 3 general events of its own or as collaboration with UVSA Gulf Coast

     ○After the observation period, the UVSA Gulf Coast Executive Board will discuss and vote on whether the organization will become a part of UVSA Gulf Coast.

     ○School members reserve the right to withdraw from UVSA Gulf Coast at any time.


School Membership Rights

     ○Members shall reserve the right to see all minutes concerning the Executive Board meeting agenda and the treasury.

     ○Members retain the right to voice his or her opinions, concerns, proposals, or complaints to any UVSA Gulf Coast Executive Board Officer.

     ○Members may propose amendments to the Constitution by following the rules in Article XII.

     ○A member who is not satisfied with a particular decision made by the Executive Board may propose an alternative to the solution and summon for a vote at a general meeting.

     ○A member who is not satisfied with the integrity or capability of an Executive Board member may put a motion of "No Confidence" on that person as described in Article X, Section II.

     ○Member schools have voting privileges for the Executive Board and Council of Regional Representatives elections.

Contributions and Expectations

     ○Every member and member organization has the duty to actively contribute to the goals and activities of UVSA Gulf Coast.

     ○UVSA Gulf Coast reserves the right to place a member on probation if they determine that member school is not fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.

     ○The terms and length of this probation period is determined by the Executive Board.

     ○Once the probation period is over, the Executive Board will vote and decide if the member school will continue to be a part of UVSA Gulf Coast or removed. The decision will be based on a two-thirds (2/3) majority ruling.