Session 3

Jenni Huynh

Talk Money to Me

Jenni Huynh is the current External Vice President of UNAVSA (Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations) and oversees the Alumni Relations and Civic Engagement Cabinets. Through UNAVSA's partnership with SEARAC (Southeast Asia Resource & Action Center) and StateFarm, Jenni educates the Asian American and Asian Canadian community on Financial Literacy to best prepare our generation in basic finances. In her free time, she likes to go on architecture adventures and watercolor.

Talk Money to Me is part of StateFarm's initiative to better inform the younger Asian American community on basic finances since it is severely lacking in our community. By educating young adults about money, they will be able to create new opportunities by using and investing their money wisely. Because we are the second and third generations of mainly immigrants, these basic principles will help create a platform for upcoming generations to continue to rise above our current conditions.

Quyen Nguyen

Get Real

Quyen Nguyen is an only child born and raised in Lafayette, LA and a recent graduate of Loyola University with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences. She is currently working as a medical assistant with an aspiration for medical school. Her favorite animal is the pig, and her only talent is the piano.

This workshop aims to teach attendees how to prioritize what is important in their lives, while reflecting on how these priorities are the basis of who they are. These priorities may sometimes be forgotten in everyday life, but will always be rooted within them in times of struggle as well as reminding them their true priorities will carry them through those times of need.



Tong Nguyen

A Bag of Personalities

Currently working in project management in his childhood dream city of Houston. A former President of VSA LSU and a founder of UVSA Gulf Coast.

It’s important for people to see beyond looks and get to know people for who they are. Being a leader means you will lead and help anyone that comes your way regardless of how they look, and you have to get to know people on a personal level for them to like you and follow you.

Similarly, when we rise above hardships, we have to get to know each other and ask for help in our darkest times. Knowing how to meet someone is a necessary skill. We are all human in the end. Unless you're not... This interactive workshop is designed help us to get to know people better for who they are.

Laura Siu Nguyen

Who Are YOU? The Route to Personal Branding

Laura Siu Nguyen is a Chinese-Honduran entrepreneur and CEO of Laura Siu Planning and Events. She is a graduate from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Romance Languages in Spanish. She is one of the Founders for UVSA Gulf Coast along with other 4 Co-Founders.

At the age of 26, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion: event planning and event marketing. Since then, she has launched her own Speaker Series called We Are: Speaker Series that empowers women and highlights all women nationally and internationally. She has collaborated to create Charity Improv Night where she raises money through comedy, and she has collaborated in the First Annual Wing Festival, Mac n Cheese Festival and Brunch Festival in Baton Rouge.

The overall objective of this workshop is to be able to identify your personal brand and build confidence to tackle real world experiences. It aligns with the theme because as leaders, we have to continue to inspire others and grow into your careers that in order to be able to help others, you need to know who you are and to help yourself.

Victoria Tran

So Tell Me About Yourself

From New Orleans Louisiana, Victoria Tran was heavily involved in VSA back in college, starting off as President of LASO (Loyola New Orleans VSA). During that time, she also participated in Camp Delta as camp counselor, marketing director, and hospitality director. She was also one of the founding members of UVSA Gulf Coast, serving as Secretary. Currently, Victoria is an accountant at a financial exchange company in Atlanta and is also on the board of advisers for UVSA Gulf Coast.

Many times during college, we are focused on what to study and the path leading up to our careers. But what happens once we have accomplished school and got that "dream" career?" How will you use your strengths and skills to overcome the challenges you will face in a professional environment?

The Myers Briggs test will provide clarity after an in depth discussion, which can help some students that are not sure on their strengths or what to do after college. Through this workshop, they will learn how to use their personality strengths to their advantages in their professional careers.