Did you miss out on the keynotes, dancers, or speakers? Well, thanks to the videographers who posted theese videos on YouTube, you can relive some of the UNAVSA-11 Experience!

First up is this wonderful spoken word piece by Kavi Vu and Antony from the University of Georgia (video credit: HyRo Productions)

Second up is our own Gulf Coast Region’s Fleur de Ladies Dance (video credit: HyRo Productions)

The Fleur de Ladies this year are all from Louisiana with JennyB and Thanh-Thanh from LSU, Victoria and Theresa from Loyola, Tran Tran and MyMy from UNO!

and last but not least is a recap video of the UNAVSA-11 conference as seen by k1n3t1c5


Post Author: Tong Nguyen