Earlier this month, the ninth annual Camp Delta leadership retreat was hosted at Paul B. Johnson State Park in Hattiesburg, MS. Our very own Internal Vice President Mitchell Nguyen and Treasurer Tony Nguyen were on staff for this year's camp, as well as our fellow Cabinet members: Media Co-Chairmen Calvin and Kevin Tran, Community Service Cabinet member Adriana Sanchez, and Public Relations Cabinet member Catherine Nguyen!

Camp Delta started as a project by VAYLA and AASIA almost ten years ago. What started off as AASIA Retreat turned into Camp Delta, and over the past several years it has grown into one of the most prestigious leadership retreats not only in the Gulf Coast region, but perhaps even in the VSA community across the continent. Staffed by dozens of Gulf Coast VSA leaders, Camp Delta is opened to members within the three member states in the region: Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Attendees from our neighboring South Region (such as Texas) have also been in attendance the past several years.

This year's Camp theme was Pokémon and it hosted a record-breaking 80 attendees! We would like to congratulate this year's Camp Delta 9 staff for their accomplishments and we're happy to see that all of their hard work has paid off! Year after year, Camp Delta keeps getting better, and this year was no exception.

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of Camp Delta and we can't wait to see what they have in store!

For photos from Camp Delta 9 please visit their official Facebook page here.

Camp Delta 9 Staff

Executive Directors: David Nguyen, Duy Dang, and Keely Tran

Sponsorship Director: Daniel Ha

Logistics Director: Anthony Huynh

Logistics Team: Aaron Beng, Wendy Dang, Alexis Le, Don Nguyen, Kim-Nam Le, Luc Nguyen, Susan Pham, and Andrew Vo

Marketing Director: Kevin Tran

Marketing Team: Catherine Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, and Susan Pham

Media Director: Calvin Tran

Media Team: Kristie Dinh, Zoe Johnson, Abigayle Lista, Dang Tran, and Una Ha

Hospitality Director: Mitchell Nguyen

Hospitality Team: Una Ha, Adriana Sanchez, Mindy Ngo, Lyndsay Nguyen, Linda Tran

Counselors: Joshua Bigting, Nikki Iida, Marlou de Guzman, Huy-Alex Nguyen, Huyen Nguyen, Kevin Tran, Peter Nguyen, Sandra Nguyen, Selena Nguyen, Thuy-Linh Nguyen, Tony Nguyen, Quyen Nguyen, Vy Nguyen, Nancy Pham, Khang Tong, and Vivian Tong

Free Agents: Amy Hui, Karsen Krauss, and Khoa Vu



Post Author: Kent Tong