Gulf Coast Goes to UNAVSA-13

UNAVSA held its 13th annual leadership conference in Framingham, Massachusetts on July 21 to July 24! At conference, Vietnamese-American and Canadian students and young leaders are invited to spend a long weekend networking, bonding, and learning. The conference aims at motivating and inspiring individuals to step up in building and progressing the community. The programming focused on leadership building, professional development, social justice, culture, academics, and many more subjects relevant to the Vietnamese-American and Canadian community. Entertainment is offered throughout the weekend with performances during the traditional culture show and gala events. Family program activities are also organized to allow attendees to network and build relationships throughout the weekend. During conference, attendees were also able to be a part of UNAVSA's Executive Board elections for the 2016 - 2018 term, as well as decide the new CPP beneficiary for the upcoming year.

UNAVSA's official conference description:

This year, the 13th Annual UNAVSA Leadership Conference (UNAVSA-13) in Boston, MA aims at taking the best of the past years of conferences and building towards the future of the organization. Together 12 years ago, we took flight with NAVSA-1 in Boston with one mission in mind: to develop proud and self-aware leaders who together will create a united and thriving Vietnamese community. Since then, we built momentum and continued to make ripples of progress as we return to Boston once again this summer with UNAVSA-13. As we reflect on those past years, we have sincere gratitude for those leaders who have paved the pathway. Each individual carries a flame and when we encourage and support other leaders within our VSA, community, region, or continent, our flame burns stronger. It is now time for us to challenge, to inspire, and most importantly, to guide present and future generations into brighter endeavors.

Please join UNAVSA this upcoming summer in Boston, as we highlight our culture and move towards a brighter future. United, we can light the way!

It's a pleasure to announce that our region was awarded 3rd Place for the region that donated the most funds to CPP during the 2015 - 2016 year! Shout out to all of the Gulf Coast VSAs for making this happen! We were happy to once again attend UNAVSA's annual leadership conference, with 21 attendees from the Gulf Coast region this year! Thank you to the following individuals for representing GC:

  • Abigayle Lista (LASO)
  • Calvin Pham (XULAVA)
  • Chris Pham (UNO VASA alum) - King Boo Family Leader; Workshop Presenter
  • Dat Nguyen (UNO VASA alum) - Workshop Presenter
  • Don Nguyen (VSA-LSU)
  • Huyen Nguyen (LASO alum) - Marketing Committee
  • Jasmine Dean (VSOUL)
  • Justin Nguyen (VSA-LSU)
  • Kabrina Do (VSA-LSU alum)
  • Kent Tong (LASO alum) - Family Program Committee
  • Kevin Vo (VSA-LSU)
  • Kim-Nam Le (VSA-LSU)
  • Kristie Dinh (VSOUL)
  • Linh Nguyen (VSA-LSU)
  • Lisa Than (XULAVA)
  • Mitchell Nguyen (VSA-LSU alum) - Marketing Director
  • Nancy Nguyen (LASO)
  • Nicholas Ho (VSOUL)
  • Thanh-Thanh Pham (VSA-LSU alum) - Entertainment Committee
  • Timmy Vo (Xavier alum) - UNAVSA Secretary
  • Tyler Tran (VSA-LSU alum) - Hospitality Committee

Check out UNAVSA's official recap video of UNAVSA-13 Conference!

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