UVSA South hosted its second annual VSA leadership camp - Camp Legacy - earlier this month from August 12 to August 14 at Shepard's Pasture, Jefferson, TX. Camp Legacy is meant to connect the new leaders of the Southern region and foster relationship building between the new officers and dedicated members within Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The programming consisted of a family program, team-building activities, informational workshops, and more. We were lucky enough to have 14 Gulf Coast members attend and support our neighboring region!

Shout out to the following Gulf Coast VSA members for representing the Gulf Coast during this fun-filled weekend!

  • Calvin Pham (XULAVA)
  • Dat Nguyen (UNO VASA alum)
  • Don Nguyen (VSA-LSU)
  • Jordan Dang (VSA-LSU alum; UVSA Gulf Coast Media Cabinet Member)
  • Justin Nguyen (VSA-LSU alum)
  • Kent Tong (LASO alum; UVSA Gulf Coast President)
  • Khoa Vu (Xavier alum)
  • Kim-Nam Le (VSA-LSU)
  • Kristie Dinh (VSOUL)
  • Laura Siu (UNO VASA alum; 2014-2016 UVSA Gulf Coast President; Camp Legacy Sponsorship Director)
  • Lina Huynh (VSOUL; UVSA Gulf Coast Secretary)
  • Lisa Than (XULAVA)
  • Mitchell Nguyen (VSA-LSU alum; UVSA Gulf Coast Internal Vice President)
  • Wendy Dang (XULAVA)


Post Author: Kent Tong