• Any collegiate organization affiliated with UVSA Gulf Coast is eligible to be nominated
  • Unless otherwise noted, only those activities and events during the 2016-2017 academic year will be considered

Rules & Guidelines

  • Nominations will only be accepted from executive board members of the ten affiliated organizations within UVSA Gulf Coast. Each organization is expected to discuss with their respective executive boards to determine their nominee(s) before delegating one or more executive board members to submit the nomination(s).
  • Groups and organizations may be nominated for more than one category.
  • Unless otherwise noted, you may submit up to three (3) nominations per category.
  • Applications should be written as to be understood by individuals with no prior knowledge of your group or organization.
  • Once a nomination has been submitted, revisions to the submissions cannot be made. They will be accepted as is, so please review all description(s), thumbnails, images, etc. before finalizing and sending in your nominations.
  • Awards are determined solely on the information provided in the application.
  • If a category does not receive at least three eligible nominations, UVSA Gulf Coast reserves the right to cancel the award for this year’s ceremony.


There are thirteen (13) categories in the Gulf Coast Awards. Twelve (12) will require you to nominate:

Most Outstanding Organization - Nominate
Most Outstanding President - Nominate
Most Outstanding Philanthropic Event - Nominate
Most Outstanding Social Event - Nominate
Most Outstanding Web Presence - Nominate
Most Outstanding Graphic Media - Nominate
Most Outstanding Cultural Program - Nominate
Most Outstanding Video Production - Nominate
Most Outstanding Contemporary Dance - Nominate
Most Outstanding Traditional Dance - Nominate
Most Outstanding Performance - Nominate
Gulf Coast Future Award - Nominate
Most Fundraised for CPP (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place)


Nominations will be accepted until Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.


The Intercollegiate Council (composed of representatives from each of the ten affiliate organizations within UVSA Gulf Coast) will act as a panel of judges to select the top three nominations of each category. After each category is narrowed down to its respective top three nominations, each affiliate organization within UVSA Gulf Coast will receive one ballot to submit their vote to determine the winner. Each organization’s respective executive board members will be expected to meet, discuss, and determine who their organization will vote for in the final ballot. UVSA Gulf Coast Executive Board members and cabinet members are prohibited to partake in the judging and voting process, unless for one reason or another, a winner cannot be determined.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at The Forum banquet hall in Metairie, LA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions. Please read them before contacting us with additional questions:

  • Does our VSA have to be in attendance to win an award?
    If you have been voted as the winner of an award, your organization will be recognized at the awards ceremony. However, you do not have to be in attendance to remain eligible. You can either have someone accept the award on your behalf, or we can deliver you the award at the conclusion of the event.
  • Why is there a cap of three (3) submissions per category per school?
    We value quality over quantity. By placing a limitation on the number of submissions each school is able to nominate to each category, our affiliate organizations are able to submit their best submissions instead of multiple submissions that may lengthen the reviewing and voting process.