Joseph Bagert

Senior at Louisiana State University, majoring in Construction Management with minors in Business Administration and Technical Sales

Application Submitted:

March 21, 2018



VSA-LSU Sports Coordinator

Camp Delta 11 Counselor

UVSA Gulf Coast Summit 1 Family Programming Committee Member

Project scheduling, estimation and execution (Construction)

Why do you want to be on the Executive Board?

I want to have a larger impact on the future of our region, and I'd love the opportunity to work with other members throughout Gulf Coast to bring new ideas to the region.

I want to work with ICCs in planning and improving our regional events. Often times, tension can be built between schools and their respective members. I want to work to eliminate this tension and promote the region as a whole and not just a collective of individuals. Events like Date Auction and Culture night highlight the future of the region. I want to improve upon the positives while eliminating mistakes made in the past. Regional unity has seen growth, and I want to build on that and bring this young region to new heights.

I enjoy working with others from around the region and seeing interaction between schools. I would love to gain a larger role in the future of Gulf Coast Summit. So far, year one has been great, but each year we look too improve. I would like the opportunity to seek improvements for Summit 2 and 3.

Essentially, I want to have a larger role and impact on the region. I see our region heading in a great direction, and I want to continue the recent success and build on it.

What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

Having only served one executive board role for VSA-LSU, there may be cause for question as to my experience. However, I don't believe years of experience should be all that matters. What matters is the product you produce, the effort you put in and the growth through it all.

I think my position as sports coordinator is often overlooked as a joke. I would reasonably argue it is one of the most stressful positions on VSA-LSU's e-board. I stay in constant communication with players captains of up to four teams at once. I also must maintain communication with University representatives in any manner of issue. I near single handedly planed and produced a basketball tournament consisting of twelve teams. These teams included alumni, out-of-state players and current members of VSA. Meanwhile I put in all the general work required as a board member.

Over the past year I've seen a large amount of growth. I'm far less ignorant and far more tame. I'm not so quick to press forward with my opinions. Rather, I listen to others and seek out their advice. I've learned so much through my attending camps and my involvement in planning camp 11 and summit. Everyday, I continue to learn.

I put my a lot of work, time and dedication into my position. I balanced the coordination of teams, constantly being on two intramural teams, school, girlfriend, camp delta, summit and a job. I believe I can put in the work and effort for IVP as well.

What is your vision for this position, as well as for UVSA Gulf Coast?

I see IVP as the bridge between schools. ICC is a major networking tool for schools within the region. I see IVP strengthening and unifying the bond between ICCs and their respective schools. I don't want to see any VSA fall behind or out of the region. I see us working towards the growth of smaller VSAs so that they help to grow the region in tern.

I see IVP working to produce continued success for Date Action and Culture Night especially. I want to see continued focus on philanthropic fundraising. Each year, I want to see record breaking fundraising for our CPP.

As for UVSA Gulf Coast, I see growth. I see regional unity only strengthening on the back of Summit and the recent inclusion of Mississippi and Alabama in Date Auction. I see the region with the strongest camp in the country. I see our Summit growing to rival that of the South region. I don't want "we're a young region" to be a continued excuse. I see UVSA Gulf Coast as a leader among regions.