Kris Dinh

Senior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, majoring in Spanish/French & Political Science

Application Submitted:

April 15, 2018



2014-2015: VSOUL Freshman Representative, Camp Delta 8 Attendee

2015-2016: VSOUL Historian, Camp Delta 9 Media Team

2016-2017: VSOUL External Vice President and Intercollegiate Chair, UVSA South Camp Legacy Attendee, UVSA South Summit Attendee, UNAVSA-13 Attendee

2017-2018: VSOUL Senior Advisor, UNAVSA-14 Family Leader, UNAVSA Council of Regional Representatives, UVSA Gulf Coast Summit Entertainment Director, UVSA South Camp Legacy Family Leader, Northwest VSA Summit Family Leader, Southwest UVSA APEX Conference Family Leader, UVSA Southeast Leadership Camp Attendee, UVSA Midwest VIA-1 Conference Attendee

Why do you want to be on the Executive Board for UVSA Gulf Coast?

After several years of heavy involvement with VSA, I felt it was my time to step up into a higher position to inspire and lead those within our region. I want to test my leadership capabilities as well as help create a stable foundation for UVSA Gulf Coast to grow and expand in the future.

What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

I’ve been heavily involved with VSA since my freshman year of college and have taken on progressively more extensive leadership roles since then. I have acquired a wide array of skill sets having worked in these different positions and I believe that gives me the ability to adapt to change as well as manage the heavy workload this position entails. I have been active on the local, regional, and national level and I believe that this has allowed me to work with a wider network of people with different mentalities, visions, and passions on a professional level. Having been active on the local, regional, and national level has allowed me to network with countless individuals and allowed me to see how much potential our region has for growth and the direction I would like us to go.

What is your vision for this position, as well as for UVSA Gulf Coast?

My vision for my position is to be a reliable board member that all of the local VSAs can put their trust in to help their VSA’s and eboard grow. My hope is that by doing so, more VSA’s will see the value in being in partnership with our organization and take advantage of the resources that we have to offer them. My vision for UVSA Gulf Coast is that, in future years, we establish a more active relationship with the local Vietnamese community, reach a rapport of equal support and representation between all of our member schools, improve our relationship with other regions, and increase our community service involvement, regional pride, and cultural scholarship.