The Marketing and Public Relations Cabinet coordinates all official organization campaigns and community outreach initiatives.

Marketing and Public Relations Chairman

Mitchell Nguyen

Mitchell Nguyen wants to live in a world where his ever-present smile is the key to world peace. He was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor's Degree in General Business.

A passionate leader in his community, he has held various positions in VSA, such as UNAVSA-13 Marketing Director, UNAVSA-12 Registration Committee, Camp Delta 9 Hospitality Director, Camp Delta 8 Marketing director, Camp Delta 2014 Counselor, AASIA Secretary, and Senior Advisor and Public Relations officer for VSA-LSU. When he isn't binge watching a show on Netflix, you can catch him chowing down on Popeyes or recording his life story for Snapchat.

Marketing and Public Relations Cabinet Member

Nancy Nguyen

Nancy Nguyen is currently a first year graduate student at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, pursing a Masters in Psychology. She was born in Tucson, Arizona but was raised in New Orleans.  She has been active in LASO, Loyola's version of a VSA, since her freshmen year of undergrad and has held the positions of Community Service Chair/Secretary, President, and Community Service committee member of UVSA Gulf Coast.


When she's not working or studying, you can usually catch Nancy playing beach volleyball. In her free time, she also likes to cook, read, play soccer, and indulge in Netflix and K-dramas. Nancy hopes to one day travel the world with the best company. You can always catch her adventures through Snapchat and Instagram!