Vietnamese Student Association at Louisiana State University


VSA-LSU Tiger Shirt

Most Outstanding Graphic Media – VSA-LSU’s Club Shirt

Designed by Tania Wilson, VSA-LSU 2017-2018 Graphic Designer

Please explain the idea behind this design and how it was executed. How successful does this design get its message across?

This design was for the official VSA-LSU club shirt of 2017-2018. The main idea behind this design was to meld together the presence of VSA-LSU on its campus, and elements from vietnamese culture. The focal point of the design is a fierce tiger, representing LSU’s mascot, drawn in a minimalistic asiatic style on a similarly minimalist paper panel. On each side of the tiger is the name of our organization; VSA is on his left side while LSU is on his right. They are drawn in the style of calligraphy to match with the rest of the theme. The pattern behind the paper panels, was based off of research done on common vietnamese patterns on clothing, fabrics, etc. Underneath the main focal point is the year for the duration of this club shirt, and a minimalist rooster and dog to signify the year 2017 and 2018 respectively. The programs used were: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Black Ink (Steam program).

Additional comments 

Everything was done in a mostly minimalistic design to be more wearable and make member’s feel comfortable about wearing the shirt around campus. Especially when it’s on the back of a bright peachy-pink shirt.