Tulane University Vietnamese Association

Most Outstanding Web Presence

How did your organization excel in web presence and what strategies did you utilize in doing so?

The past two years marked a turning point in TUVA web presence as a necessary medium to interact with other VSAs and outreach to the student body. From sending positive vibes to our fellow VSAs and their endeavors to creating a diverse space to highlight other cultural student organizations, our web presence, especially through Facebook and Instagram, played an integral part in solidifying our identity of culture, charity, and community. Time and visual appeal were two main focuses to revamp our web presence for the 2017-2019 year.
Like any VSA that has a duality being both a school and larger community organization, we adopted a social media “friend” approach to not only highlight the larger organization outside Tulane but also to maintain relations with other VSAs. Our initial efforts started with sending good luck Facebook posts to other VSAs for their first general meeting of the school year. By further sharing on Instagram what our members experienced at other VSA events throughout the school year, we emphasized our sense of community that TUVA has outside Tulane. 
By highlighting the various entertainment acts for Tet Fest, we were able to reach a wider audience as half of the acts were well-known school organizations while the other half were from the local Vietnamese community and friends from other VSAs. Instead of doing individual highlights due to high number of acts, we grouped them according to the general theme of their acts (e.i dance, acapella, traditional Vietnamese..). Through this method, we were able to integrate and showcase how Vietnamese culture both traditional and modern can be compared and contrasted with each other and different cultures. 
As shown in our infographic, with a 14% increase in page followers and likes, TUVA Facebook presence has nearly doubled in activity in terms of posts and audience reach. Overall, we achieved a doubled number of posts reaching an audience of 1k+, and a record-high for amount of responses in our major events such as Food Social and Tet Fest, which saw an average of 225 responses.






Additional Comments

This year also marked the first year TUVA had dramatic increase in graphic designs and use, establishing a routine and solid visual foundation of the organization. With each event post, the quality of graphics continued to improve and made us stand out among other organizations on campus, even attracting Fox News to cover our Tet Fest as part of their Tet celebrations in New Orleans coverage