University of New Orleans Vietnamese American Student Association

Most Outstanding Web Presence

How did your organization excel in web presence and what strategies did you utilize in doing so?

 We believe our strongest performances in our web presence this year is represented on our instagram, website and from our newsletters. Firstly, we have kept a consistent color scheme of rose gold and grey for the entire year. Our instagram and facebook shows it consistently. It’s also displayed on many of our “stories” and on our newsletter. We believe that the color scheme kept a nice, clean aesthetic for our social media. Our eboard photoshoot and decorations for Paper Lantern Night were also based off of our color scheme.
Our newsletters were consistent all year. They were also sent out and posted on the 1st of each month. Not one newsletter was late. Our newsletters were sent to those on our email list and included monthly recaps and updates/ announcements. They all included a Vietnamese pun of the month so we can include a piece of our Vietnamese-American culture. Our newsletters also had a section to help promote the major events from the other VSA’s in the Gulf Coast. For ex: we had events like LSU VEGA promoted. While promoting XULAVA tet, we wanted to help by also promoting their volunteer sign up sheet. We made use of what social media apps had to offer us. (On our website you will see the most recent newsletter, not all newsletters are displayed because of our website's storage limitation. We updated it with each newsletter.)
For our eboard application all of our eboard members posted instagram stories for us promoting our sign up form. They all ended with the statement, “swipe up to apply,” in which prospective eboard members were easily redirected to the link. This technique was also used to promote our new website and things of that nature.
On our website you can also see our calendar where you can find gulf coast events from UNOVASA, other VSAs and UVSAGC. You can also find our newsletters on our website if you are not on our email list. We also took advantage of instagram highlights. Our first highlight is promoting the newly elected eboard. You can view it on our instagram here:
(Links to our newsletter, instagram, website, and aesthetic examples can be found or linked below.)
Our event campaigns have also been a great aspect that UNOVASA is proud of this year. We have brought back our #fandancechallenge that was used to promote CPP and Paper Lantern Night. We had participations from individuals all over the Gulf Coast and South East. We are also proud of the way that we displayed our sponsors for our events.
Our eboard highlight campaign was also consistent on our social media. Ie: the examples from above, “swipe up to apply.”
Our website includes:
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Additional Comments

Newsletter Ex: December Newsletter
Eboard Highlights Ex: Tommy Tran Eboard Highlight 
Election Announcements (Instagram): Must view highlight stories on phone